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International freight handling insurance claims should be noted that the problem

I. claims applications. Import and export cargo insurance claim can be divided into the following two situations:

1 is an international freight exports suffered losses, the other party (the importer) to the insurance set forth in the claims representative for foreign claims. China People's Insurance Company in the world's major ports and cities, has commissioned an agent of foreign inspection agents and claims by the two institutions, the former is responsible for inspecting cargo losses. Consignee obtain inspection report, accompanied by other documents, its own claims to a single company, which can be authorized by a certain amount, the direct handling Pei, local benefit claims.

International freight importer foreign to me settling agent import and export cargo insurance claim made, should also provide the following documents:

(1) the original insurance policy or certificate of insurance;

(2) the contract of carriage;

(3) the invoice;

(4) packing list;

(5) to the carrier and other third parties responsible party requesting compensation correspondence or other documents, as well as to prove that the insured has to perform recovery procedures should be organized and other documents;

(6) from abroad by a foreign third party insurance agent or notary public inspection reports issued;

(7) Maritime reports. Maritime caused by loss of goods, generally by the insurance company paid, the ship is not liable;

(8) cargo damage proof;

(9) list of claims; like.

2 is an international freight imports suffered losses, the direction of China's imports and export cargo insurance company for insurance claims. When imported goods arrived our ports, airports and found to have damaged or mainland shortage, immediately notify the local insurance company, in conjunction with the local State Administration for Commodity Inspection joint. If insurance coverage by determining the loss of belonging, issued by the local insurance companies' imports residual short inspection reports. " Where both involving foreign shippers, carriers, port authorities, rail or other cargo damage caused by third parties responsible for the accident, as long as completed by the consignee to recover the responsible party procedures, the insurance company claims verdict. But for the people belonging to foreign shippers about quality, specifications liability issues, according to the terms of the insurance company, the insurance company liable, but by the consignee, please state inspection agency issued notary test book, and then by the receiving unit through foreign trade Company to the consignor claims.

Consignee of imported goods claim to the insurance company, you should submit the following documents:

(1) import invoices;

(2) bill of lading or export goods arrival notice, waybill;

(3) at the final destination of discharge records and pound single code.

If the loss involves consignor obligation to provide order contract. If consignor guarantees and ship annotations should also be provided. If the losses related to the ship obligation to provide discharge port tally visa. If the ship annotation, were also made available. Consignor or ship involving responsibility, need to be identified by the State Administration for Commodity Inspection and certification. If the loss involves port handling and inland, river or rail-party liability, issued by the responsible party shall provide freight records (business records) and the Joint Inspection reports.

Consignee to the insurance company for import and export cargo insurance claims, according to the following pathways: the loss of seaborne imports of goods to the port of discharge insurance claim; loss of the goods imported by air to the international destination indicated on the waybill insurance claim ; postal loss of imported goods to the destination indicated on international parcel insurance claim; land loss of the imported goods to the international railway waybill destination insurance company claims.

Two. Validation responsibilities, be payment. The insured person completing the above claims procedures and provide a full range of documents, you can wait for the insurance company approval responsibilities, benefit claims. In China, the insurance company claims in two ways:

First, the direct payment to the receiving unit;

Two is to focus on the relevant payment to the foreign trade companies, and then by the foreign company and the order unit for clearing.

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