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HK transport

China-Hong Kong Express and express are two different notions, China-Hong Kong Express is a form of general trade import and export declarations, is also a kind of import and export customs declaration form, the general trade is China's import and export declaration is most main, the most common, the volume of China-Hong Kong express declaration of general trade is much smaller, at the same time, China-Hong Kong express declaration and will always exist.

China-Hong Kong Express

For example, the factory has a number of their own products shipped to Hongkong to exhibitors, exhibitors after this batch of products should be returned to the factory in Shenzhen, to prove that the export participation of returned goods, procedures must be very cumbersome, pure according to the general trade import pay customs duties and VAT and the cost is too high, it is through the import of China-Hongkong express way is the most suitable for the.

The biggest characteristic of China-Hong Kong express declaration is the valuation of customs clearance, customers do not need to provide invoices, packing list, purchase contracts and other information, after the declaration of the same valuation to pay tariff and value-added tax to the customs; for customers are calculated by kilograms of all-inclusive cost under different names.

China-Hong Kong Express import and smart price:

The first class: rmb¥ 4/ kg

File, data, printing paper, brochures, catalogues, iron, tag, label, rope, rubber band, floor, stickers, carton, carton, plastic

Second class: rmb¥ 5/ kg

Mesh bag, rubber, rubber ring, buttons, sealing tape, sand, ceramic, wood, wood, wood screw, photo frame, plastic, paper, sponge, foam, ribbon, calendar, heel, sole

Third class: rmb¥ 6/ kg

Plastic plug, wire coil, magnet, brick, stone, candles, yarn, nylon bags, glass, industrial belts, fins, zipper, aluminum sheet, filter, plastic material, sandpaper, grinding, cleaning cloth, glasses box

Fifth class: rmb¥ 10/ kg

Low flashlight, terminal, ordinary household switch, low price, hair accessories, belt wheel, lampshade, horn net, tungsten, common tableware, cheap furniture, wire, wire, steel wire

Sixth class: rmb¥ 12/ kg

Roller, faucet, low-cost, bearing, paper crafts, lampshade, ordinary building materials, belt, electric fan, ball head, with a small speaker, the valve industry, low-cost carpet, artificial leather, baby stroller, filter, paint, lantern festivals

Seventh class: rmb¥ 14/ kg

Simple mechanical parts, common solder paste, magnifying glass, flower drum, ordinary horn (parts), blank PC plate, thermometer, bicycle parts, lubricants, reflective paper, laser paper, low-priced clothing, industrial film, gauge, microphone, low-priced leather, ordinary clothes, socks, general motors, mold, printing ink

Eighth class: rmb¥ 16/ kg

Cheap leather products, wig, industrial coil, joint, lighting, lamps, industrial motors, lamps and lanterns, pneumatic pump, pump, general insurance tube, cooling fan, air conditioner switch

Ninth class: rmb¥ 20/ kg

Toy remote controller, air compressor, compressor parts, fan, electric tools, adaptors, empty box, relay, electromagnetic valve, keyboard, mouse, empty cartridges

Tenth class: rmb¥ 23/ kg

Ordinary clothing, shoes, sample sample coffee machine, washing machine, drying machine accessories, accessories ordinary batteries, ribbons, thermometer, air pressure gauge, electric heating tube, headphones etc.

Eleventh class: rmb¥ 25/ kg

The speaker, mouse, keyboard, household electrical appliance fittings, transformer, lathe fittings, calculator, LED lights, home phone, capacitor, resistor

Twelfth class: rmb¥ 28/ kg

Home game machine, remote control, microphone, hub, voltage regulator, voltage regulator, sewing machine, three, diode

Thirteenth class: rmb¥ 35/ kg

Frequency converter, multimeter, power meter, meter, electronic password lock, carbon powder box, sensor, button battery

Fourteenth class: rmb¥ 45/ kg

Printer accessories, computer chassis, industrial transformer, timer, thermostat, ordinary gauge, cut wire, card reader

Fifteenth categories: rmb&yen 50/ kg or above;

Audio-visual equipment, temperature controller, printer, fax machine, copier, sound control equipment, PLC, punch machine, sound power into the machine, camera, electronic components, generator, motor driver, battery, low value display, simple massage chair

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