Guangdong Province, Southern
Districtof Dongguan City,
Zhou Xi and FangRen Jie
Ge Yong a No. five
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About Us

Dongguan Suchi Freight Forwarding Co., Ltd. is an integrated logistics company, specializes in international express delivery business, Suchi Freight Agency DHL, FedEx, UPS, TNT, DPEX, EMS and other international brands courier services, and opened up a supply of Hong Kong, Taiwan , Japan, Korea, Vietnam , the United States , Middle East countries and more international green channel. Providing customers with a professional, safe and fast service.
  After years of development , through the integration of resources and logistics , international express operations of integrated management , the formation of the industry 's most innovative and comprehensive competitive advantage for our customers to provide the most effective integration of environmental logistics solutions and integrated logistics services.
  The company mainly engaged in international courier (DHL, UPS, Fedex, TNT, DPEX, EMS), in the transport, Japanese green , Vietnam line, international air and ocean freight , international express import . Advantages :
  First, Dongguan DHL, UPS, FEDEX international courier 2-4 days reach more than 220 countries and regions in the world , for customers to save valuable time. South-East Asia ( Japan, Malaysia , South Korea , Taiwan, Thailand, Hong Kong , Singapore, Indonesia ) , Middle East ( UAE ) , South Pacific ( Australia, New Zealand ) and North America ( the western United States , Canada ) other non- remote areas can be realized today Sent day tomorrow to sign up and efficient service , two to three days to arrive in Western Europe and other countries and regions.
  Second, Hong Kong DHL international express , UPS international express , FEDEX international express , DPEX and other products , providing the most shocking agent price , timeliness than mainland DHL international courier from one to half a day later in Hong Kong transport time , preferential shipment prices for customers large ticket consignment substantial savings logistics costs. Inexpensive and convenient logistics costs in order to win more customers .
  Third, in the transport, Vietnam, Korea, Thailand, Japan, Myanmar , the United States , Singapore, Malaysia, green clearance stabilize the same low prices for large cargo import and export .
  Fourth, international air transport, maritime transport agency in Shenzhen , Hong Kong and Guangzhou to worldwide air cargo services , shipping services, Hong Kong's advantages will be better neighbors to you to provide more convenient cargo ship channel.
  In the future , will continue to improve the Suchi customer supply chain , optimize and improve the quality of logistics customers as a fundamental , positive development in innovative collaborative logistics industry based on the gradual move towards industry leadership position , through the logistics industry closer to China and world distance.
  Companies adhering to the " professionalism, integrity , dedication to customer service ," the purpose and robust operational thinking , for domestic and foreign customers with ease of logistics services. And work with customers to establish a good long-term cooperative relations in the industry formed a good reputation.

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